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CORE Nutrition coaching offers programs that utilize simple and effective techniques that focus on habit formation and the power of choice. 

 You will get: 

• Clarification of what you value most to make goal setting much easier.

• Professional and friendly support to help you put your goals into action. 

• Lasting and sustainable results without dieting or feeling deprived.

Helping you get to where you want to be!

Find peace as you take control of your eating habits and discover a way of eating that suits only you!

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

Are you overwhelmed with all the nutrition information available these days? 

Do you feel exhausted with all the tasks you try to balance each day?

Are you tired of dieting, only to have your efforts fail? 

When you are on a "diet," do you feel deprived? 

Do you get confused with all the rules of a diet, then to just throw in the towel and give up? 

Are you either "on" a diet? Or "off" a diet? 

Do you feel frustrated with your lack of progress, or ability to maintain your progress? 

Are you disappointed with your efforts, thus your results? 

Do you feel guilty and remorseful for the “bad” choices you made throughout the day? 

Have you struggled with moodiness or anxiety while on a diet? 

What if it didn't have to be that way?

From this program, you can walk away with...

When it comes to your health and nutrition:

  • Smart habits. 
  • Fulfilling and satisfying meals.
  • More freedom and flexibility.
  • Improved confidence.
  • More energy.
  • More resiliency. 

When it comes to the rest of your life:

  • Clear and rewarding goals!
  • A simple and effective plan to reach your goals!
  • Consistent progress!
  • Improved mental clarity and focus! 
  • More successful and gratifying days!

You are deserving all of this.  

You are worth it!

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What Makes CORE Nutrition Coaching Different?


of Values

Life Sustainable


Small, Consistent


It's All About Habits!

Habit-based coaching in a simple method of behavior change that focuses on one small thing at a time. Habits are scaled to your level of commitment and motivation, provide direction and accountability, and create lasting and sustainable change. 

We start simple and build up to "next level" habits one step at a time, making the process seem effortless.

The number of habits covered in the individual program depends completely on the person. There are no cookie cutter habits in this program. Generally speaking, we would work on one habit for a minimum of two weeks before moving to another habit.

No meal plans. No calorie counting. No diets.

How much will it cost? 

Depends on how long you want together. There are two options to help you manage your money and still obtain results!

How soon can I book?

You can register now on this page by submitting your name and email. If spots become full, join the private Facebook group to know when the next spot opens.

Are we a match?


A FREE introductory phone call allows us to meet one another, discuss expectations and goals, as well as answer questions. 

Ready to work together?

Monthly Membership


FREE Indroductory Phone Call

Individualized Habits 

Weekly Skype/Phone Calls 

Email Support 

Personal Attention 

Supporting Written Lessons

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Meet Your Coach!

Angie is a Registered Dietitian and a dedicated health coach. Her blog, EatMoveDaily, is a trustworthy source of health information and inspiration. She has worked in a clinical setting helping patients manage chronic disease. Now her focus is helping people live a balanced life of healthy eating and daily activity through empowering small, consistent steps for sustainable results. Angie’s approach is simple, effective, and motivating. Her mission is to live and inspire others to live their best life.

Angie Katzberg

Am I a good fit?

If you are a woman, answered yes to any of the above questions, and...

  • are in need of some extra encouragement and support,
  • are ready, willing, and able to put in some extra time and work on yourself, and
  • are open and curious to new ideas and doing something different.

This may not be the best program for you if...

  • you prefer to do the extra work alone,
  • you are looking for a quick fix, and 
  • you prefer meal plans, and other black and white type rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope, no contracts. However, you are responsible to cancel your monthly subscription when you desire to end the coaching services.

Do you provide an exercise program?

No, I do not provide a formal exercise program at this time. However, I can help you with exercise habits. An example of an exercise habit would look similar to this - ‘I will exercise 3 days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Will I be required to use supplements?

No, I do not endorse supplements, nor are you required to use them. Supplements, similar to calorie counting, may play an important role in health, but I find this to be very individualized.

What if I have an eating disorder, or other medical condition? Can you help me?

I am not able to treat any medical condition, including eating disorders based on my current scope of practice.

I am an emotional eater. Can you help me change this?

Absolutely! We can certainly address behaviors that trigger emotional eating; however, in some cases, I may refer you to an appropriate professional if I find it to be outside of my scope of practice. 

I want to compete in bodybuilding or physique shows. Can you coach me?

No, unfortunately, we would not be the right fit; however, I do wish you the best of luck in your personal goals. Please feel free to revisit at a time when you can follow a more flexible approach in your eating. 

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