All the buzz on the internet these days is some sort of challenge, right?

“2 week plank challenge.”

“30 day squat challenge.”

I even posted a 30 day challenge to my readers on my last blog post – basically a 30 day stress management challenge.

By the way, how is the challenge working for you?  Are you doing some form of relaxation every day?  I am on day 27, and based on my tracking in “Way of Life” app, I have hit 22 of those days with a green check mark.  Not bad, if I say so myself!  That’s an 81% success rate.  A winner in my books (and that’s the only book that matters.)  Only 3 days to go!

Well today I have more of an experiment for us and it is, in some way, in lines with my last challenge.  And to be upfront, it’s not my idea.  Nonetheless, I thought it was worth sharing.  Again, not only for my benefit, but for my readers to help YOU live your best life!

The experiment comes from “The Ray Edwards Show” podcast, episode 181.

Have I mentioned I LOVE podcasts?  They are starting to overload my phone’s memory.  Anyhow, I seek out podcasts from various topics of health to business development.  There is so much great info out there…and it’s FREE!  Topic for another discussion though.

I was listening to the show because of the title “How to Create a Product in One Week and Start Selling it.”  If you are familiar with his podcasts, he always has a section in the beginning called “Spiritual Foundations” where he basically leads a devotion.

In this particular episode, he is discussing the power of words and how they can affect our internal and external environments.  Because I have been specifically working on my own well-being, it grabbed my attention.

Check out the podcast here to listen for yourself.

At the end of the section, he suggests a 10 day experiment where he talks about an idea that he got from Tony Robbins called TV (transformational vocabulary).

TV uses words to positively affect you AND the people around you.

Here are some examples:

Instead of saying “today sucked,” you say “today was a bit of a rough day, but I survived and even grew a little bit from it.”

Or instead of “I have to go to work,” how about “I get to go to work!”

I’m sure you’re getting the point.  “TV” focuses on more positive talk, than complaining and grumbling (which I am definitely guilty of.)

Okay, so here are the guidelines for this 10 day experiment.  Click here to print a version for quick reference.

Rule 1:  Don’t say anything negative … for 10 days.

Simple and direct!  He also adds no sarcasm or joking around.

Rule 2:  Do not assume the worst of a person, place, or situation … for 10 days.

In other words, no gossiping!

Rule 3:  Avoid the scary “what ifs” … for 10 days.

What if we crash?  What if I fail the test?  What if I have cancer?  What if …?

Rule 4:  To replace the negative talk, say something positive … for 10 days.

What if this is the best trip ever?  What if I pass the test with flying colors?  See the difference?

Rule 5:  Start the experiment over if you slip up.

If on day 9, you complain about your boss, start over at day 1!

This is an experiment I am willing to try!  I also know going into this that I am going to be starting over, many times!  But that is something I am also OK with.  Knowing that this is going to take some practice, will only improve my consistency.

I also firmly believe that this experiment will positively impact my outlook on life, and hopefully those closely around me.

Ray closes his spiritual foundations with an affirmation that I also love – “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

How about you?  Do you want to do this experiment with me?

We can track our progress using that handy “way of life” app again.  The goal is for ten days, only!  That is if you are already an expert at this.

Download the “rules” here and post them where ever you need to.  (There is also a bonus on the download.)  Comment below if you’re in!  Let’s wish each other the best of luck!



“Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”